Frequently Asked Questions


There are so many complaint sites already. Why should we voice our concerns at is very different from other websites aggregating complaints primarily for 2 reasons. One, our parentage and vision emanates from several decades of research and experience in Customer Management combining People, Process and Technology levers in bringing about sustained improvement. The website is but a channel for voicing the customer concerns and the major task lies in creating lasting changes in the marketplace and not just in voicing them or carrying out resolution case by case.

Are there any costs for filing complaints in or for seeking resolution?

No. There are no charges for filing complaints or in seeking or obtaining resolution

How do you propose to resolve the complaints?

We do several things. (1) We forward the concern to the relevant merchant for resolution and we work with them for the same (2) We analyse the issue though our experts and support the Organizations in creating lasting corrective actions through advisory services and (3) We help Organizations and professionals evolve the right skillsets to render a satisfactory customer engagement.

Why do you ask for user registration?

User registration would help our visiting customers to easily lodge their complaints even if it is across multiple providers and has the ability to track the same. We have some cool features lined up, all of which will be possible only with user registration and authentication

Can we file the complaint from mobile device?

Yes, the website can be easily accessed from any smartphone or tablet. It is very simple to file a complaint using the mobile device. There is no need to download any applications and clog up the memory of your device.

How many Merchants are you tied up with?

We are in the process of increasing the number of merchants in our partnership. We have personal commitment from most major brands. We will continue to bring them on our fold



How do we respond to complaints?

You can print your answer in the comment box. This will help the rest of the community to also know of your commitment.

Are there any costs to the Merchants for responding?

No, for reaching this site and posting a resolution, there is no charge.

Who can register on behalf of the Merchant?

Whoever is nominated by the Merchant company to front end the responses in our site can register

Is registration mandatory for Merchants?

Yes, we would like to establish your credibility while responding. Moreover, this would help the Merchant get all his related complaints in one single interface.