Dual Package Rate

From; Sri Alik Bhattacharjee
44, Bindubasini Road
P.O. Bhatpara
Dist.North 24 Parganas
West Bengal
VC No.017 6118 2826
SAF No.203874
The Customer Care
Siti Cable Network Limited
4th floor, Powergrid Building Plot no.J-
1/15, Block EP Sector V, Salt Lake Electronics
Complex, Kolkata -700091

Sub. Disparity in payment of Same Package Charges from the same City
Cable Network franchisee at Bhatpara, 24 Pgs.(North), Pin.743123
Request intervention of ;
Ref. 1. World View Cable TV. Network, Bhatpara (Excess Payment drawing)
2. Bhatpara Cable TV Network Mukherjeepara
With due honour I give below the following facts for your kind intervention so that customers are not deprived by the World View Cable TV Network, Bhatpara , where customers are charged an excess of Rs.28 per month for the same Package than that of Bhatpara Cable TV Network, Mukherjeepara, Bhatpara:
1. All on a sudden since Nov.2014 the World View Cable TV Network , Bhatpara Charging the rate of Popular Package at Rs.240.00 instead of Rs.212.00 and nos. of channels are also been shortened.
2. But ,at the same time Bhatpara Cable TV Network, Mukherjee Para, Bhatpara there is no change
In the same Package Rate and no shortened of Channels is made and they are charging for the same previous rate at Rs.212.00
3. Serious discontentment amongst the customers of World View Cable TV Network Bhatpara is
prevailing in the area asking how the charge of the same Package Rate from the same
Franchisee of the same Siti Cable Net Work is varying.
4. In this regard it may please be noted that we have contacted with the customer care City Cable at
Phone No 49925000 it is replied that we have nothing to do in this matter as both the
Franchisees are paying our dues accordingly.
5. Furthermore, this is to inform you that Bhatpara Cable TV Network, Bhatpara is
collecting Package charges from door to door where as World View Cable TV
Network is not giving such facilities we are to pay our package charges at their
Office only.
In these circumstances, on behalf of all the customers of World View TV Network ,I would request your kind intervention to lower our Popular Package charges at Rs.212.00
at per with the Bhatpara Cable TV Network Bhatpara, Mukherjee Para with out any cut short of channels .
Trust, this will find your favourable consideration.
Thanking you,

Dated; 03.03.2015 Yours faithfully,
Alik Bhattacharjee
Copy to : All concerned for appropriate necessary action pl.

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