Customer Service Complaints Management by CSathi ~ Customer ka Sathi


CSATHI was conceived way back in 2005 to be a one stop for customers to raise their customer service complaints and suggestions. CSATHI resonated with our vision to take CSAT level to a HI(gh) and hence it was meant to be CSAT-HI or CSATHI. To our team, it was different. CSATHI was championed in their mind as Customer ka  SATHI i.e. a well-wisher or supporter to customers. So, that’s where we are. We are conscious that we have not marketed this solution widely enough, and the reason was that we were working our vision towards some fundamentals ahead of this simple looking website.

The parent brand has evolved over a period and offers a holistic approach to customer centricity. These involve customer analytics, market research, social-engineering Big data, as well as Talent management, all of whom contribute greatly to our understanding of what is next in Customer Service Excellence. We foresee CSATHI to evolve our connect with the customers more and more and we are excited to go along this journey to see a smile and confidence on the face of our customers. We want to see as many customer service complaints recorded here as feasible.


Vision and Strategy


CSathi.Com is a platform  committed to promote excellence in Customer Service standards. One channel is through social listening of Customer Service Complaints

Customer Service ComplaintsWith a parent engaged in Market Research of Consumers, Customer Analytics, Enterprise Feedback Management, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Social Media Monitoring and Insights, this looks a feasible and an exciting possibility. The knowledge and experience of the team spans several industries such as BFSI, Telecom, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Information Technology, Power and Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality etc. The knowledge of these many industries has helped build Industry specific business intelligence models to help establish customer engagement strategy. A recent launch has been in the area of Talent management among customer facing professionals including skill set assessment using world class methodologies. After building the relevant blocks of support, CSathi.Com has been launched as the final leg towards building a holistic approach to service excellence in all aspects of Customer engagement. We thank all consumers for supporting us in the endeavor to raise the standards of customer service in the country.

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